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SSSC Chairman's Message

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Dear members,

This season Spurs brought us to the highs of reaching a Cup Final with a few fine wins against our neighbours and the lows of a poor run of games in the last third of the season. One of the highlights is the emergence of a new hero – our very own Harry Kane, and a team of home grown players that have showed promise and for better things to come in the upcoming seasons.

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In my message this year, I will present SSSC’s major highlights over the last season and what to expect in the coming season.

In 2013, the committee achieved a milestone by securing a one year sponsorship with AIA and a two year sponsorship with HP. The agreement with AIA laid the foundations for a longer partnership term with them and last season we inked an extension of another five year programme. The positives of these tie ups have been transferred to our members and have been very evident in major events the last couple of seasons.

In our annual SSSC 5s futsal tournament where we co-organised with AIA for the first time last season, invitations were sent out to official Spurs fan clubs in the region and we were glad to see Malaysia participating. This tournament has been a permanent and an ever popular fixture in SSSC’s calendar and always attracts a good number of teams and supporters. SSSC will continue to explore more of such collaborations within the region, football related or otherwise.

It was also unfortunate to have to move from our previous home ground to Barraka Bar & Restaurant mid-way through the season. We seek our members’ patience and understanding and would like to assure our members that all considerations were evaluated to decide on this move. We look forward to your continued support at live screenings.

The last couple of months were busy days for us as we had to coordinate the trip up north for members for the AIA Cup in Kuala Lumpur. Spurs, as part of their post-season tour went up against a Malaysian selection team. We believe we put together a very good package costwise for our members that complemented the events that took place in KL. The trip also further cemented SSSC’s presence in the region with a strong and boisterous turnout and the committee’s various engagements with their fine counterparts whilst there.

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Recently, we have also evaluated the impact of the social media, as an alternative to the existing forum on our official website and a few unofficial platforms that have emerged and have caused confusion within the Spurs fraternity in Singapore. It was decided that we have to move forward and launch an official SSSC Chat Facebook group - Singapore Spurs Supporters' Club Official Chat for both members and non-members to interact with each other and also receive official announcements from us. As a supplement, email updates will also be sent out in parallel, therefore we urge all to be on our mailing list via our website and register or update your email addresses.

Moving forward, SSSC will be holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) soon during the off season during which the committee will either be re-elected for a new term or electing new members into the committee. All current members are encouraged to attend the AGM where the running and details of SSSC will be shared and discussed.

Another event to look out for is the White Hart Lane trip that is currently being planned to take place in the first quarter of 2016 once the fixtures for the mid-week Europa and domestic Cup games have been announced. If the schedule fits, it will allow our members to watch two games at the Lane with a stadium tour in between. With the above, coupled with the annual year end dinner where we’d be celebrating a huge milestone – SSSC’s 15th Year Anniversary and membership renewal night at the end of the season, it does fill up our calendar for next season quite fittingly.

In conclusion, the success of SSSC depends hugely on the continued support from our members. We have members from all walks of life, different backgrounds and with varying expectations and therefore we seek the understanding that it is sometimes a challenge to meet everyone’s expectations. Having said that, a special mention has to be made to the committee members for their time and dedication in volunteering to run the operations of SSSC whilst juggling their day to day lives.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a better season in 2015/2016 for both Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Singapore Spurs Supporters' Club.


Yours Sincerely
Cheong Meng Tak
Chairman, Singapore Spurs Supporters’ Club

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